We’re The Class Roofing Nerds

April 26, 2024

We’re The Class Nerds About Roofing, So
Competitors Try To Copy Our Homework

Yes, We’re Total Know-It-Alls,
But Clients Adore Us For It

If you need exceptional local roofing service in Greater Seattle, you cannot do better than to work with us at RoofSmart.


Because of our “nerd-like” roof installation process.

“What is that?” you ask.

Well, anybody can pound a shingle onto your roof. It just takes a hammer and some ring-shank nails. On the other hand, we’ve built a reputation on the kind of knowledge that comes from a decade-plus – and thousands of hours – of professional roofing experience.

Understand that the vast majority of roofing problems arise in places that aren’t visible.

Furthermore, a lot of roofers don’t invest the effort to locate and fix those problems. This often leads to costly issues in the future, such as leaks, short roof lifespans, and sagging rooflines.

We’re roofing nerds, so we do make an effort to fix the things you can’t see.

What Is Nerd-Like Roofing Installation?

An “nerd” is someone thought to be very studious. A “brain.” A “geek.” Someone very knowledgeable about a specific subject.

We’re that way about roofing. It’s more than our profession – it’s our passion.

We spend way too much of our waking time studying it. Thinking about it. Discussing technicalities. Crafting better ways to install a roof.

So, no…we don’t date a lot.

But we can roof a house like nobody’s business! In fact, we’re perfectionists.

Customers love us, and they return for help whenever a storm blows through. They recommend us to friends, family, and colleagues, and we can chalk it all up to our egghead roofing process.

So, what does nerdy roofing look like? Detailed. It looks very… very detailed.

Roof Ventilation? Check!

Attic ventilation is far more important than you might expect. Heat and humidity buildup can wreak havoc on roof beams and lead to mold growth.

In summer, trapped heat burns up the roof, deteriorates adhesives, and causes shingles to crack or curl.

In winter, warm air from the living area that escapes into the attic melts snow on the roof. When the snowmelt reaches the eaves, it freezes and leads to dangerous ice dams.

Furthermore, warm, moist attics are an ideal breeding ground for mold.

Mold is costly to remove, sinks its roots into roof joists, and weakens the roof’s support structure. It is also a health hazard. Mold exposure leads to sniffing, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and skin rash. It even exacerbates symptoms of asthma.

Nine out of 10 roofs we inspect have attic ventilation problems, so at RoofSmart, we always check your attic to make sure it gets enough fresh air. This maximizes the roof’s lifespan, avoids mold growth, and prevents ice dams.

This is the type of service many other roofers neglect, but for us, it is an essential component of our nerd-like roofing process.

Chimney Status? Check!

You might not consider the condition of your chimney directly related to the roof – but it is. The chimney penetrates the roof and vents smoke, embers, and toxic gases, so its condition is of vital importance.

A chimney that’s in poor condition could gout sparks onto your roofing materials, which presents a significant fire hazard. If the chimney leaks, it could let fumes into the attic or living quarters and pose a health threat to occupants.

In addition to checking the chimney itself, we inspect the flashing – or protective metal collar – around the chimney that keeps water from seeping through the gap in the roof. The flashing can become bent or misshapen due to wind gusts, falling limbs, or tree branches scraping against it.

Once we know the chimney and attic are ship-shape, we inspect underneath the shingles.

Sub-Shingle Integrity? Check!

Water that has seeped beneath the shingles gets absorbed by roof joists, the roof decking, and other wooden structural components. The wood swells and eventually rots, which weakens its structural integrity.

When the structure has weakened significantly, the roofline may sag or droop. This makes the house look sad, pitiful, and poorly maintained, and it also puts the roof in danger of collapse.

So, our skilled employees always check the condition of the roof beneath the shingles.

If it is in bad enough shape, we might have to replace the roof deck – the plywood layer onto which shingles are mounted – or the roof joists. This kind of attention eliminates the risk of a roof collapse.

So, if you need help with your roof and want to work with Seattle’s nerdiest roofing contractor, contact us at RoofSmart today to schedule a free consultation.

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