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Traditional Roofing At Its Finest

Are you looking for a more traditional option for your roof replacement on your South Seattle home? Tile roofing will provide you with exactly what you are looking for. However, roofing with this authentic material is becoming a lost art. You’ll need an experienced roofing company that specializes in this roofing option to ensure that you get the best installation.

Here at RoofSmart, we offer all of the amazing metal and composite options that expertly mimic tile with stunning accuracy. However, we understand that for some homeowners, only the real thing will do. That’s why we still offer traditional tile roofing as an option for our customers.


You probably have a lot of questions about choosing a roofing contractor and the overall process. These are some of the major questions our previous clients ask us:

Why Is RoofSmart Qualified To Replace My Roof?

We’re the South Seattle roofing company that goes beyond the surface. We do more than just slap some new shingles on your home. We conduct an exhaustive analysis of your entire roofing system to identify any underlying issues.

We do it this way because if a roofer only addresses the symptoms and not the causes, your new roof is going to fail exactly like the old one.

How Long Has RoofSmart Been In Business?

RoofSmart opened in 2011. However, our founders all have decades of service in the remodeling industry.

Do You Also Do Roof Repair?

We do not do roof repair at this time. However, we offer a variety of handyman services in addition to our roof replacement. These include siding repair, gutter repair, exterior door repair, and more.

Who Will Oversee My Project?

You will be given a site supervisor who will partner with you to ensure that your project’s goals are timely and of the highest quality. They will also be your primary point of contact.

Egghead Installation By Actual Employees

You can literally get anyone in South Seattle to install your new roof, whether you find them on Craigslist or choose a national company. They can even make it look pretty. But the real deal is not on the surface, it’s what lies underneath. The majority of roofing issues are in places that you cannot see and most roofing contractors don’t address them.

Here at RoofSmart, we do things differently. We’re the eggheads of South Seattle and we’re obsessed with the details that most often get ignored by the competition. We’re also a rare breed because our installers are employees, not subcontractors, which means we have total control over the craftsmen installing your new roof.

When we’re installing a new roof we look at the potential hidden problems. These include your attic ventilation, roof-gutter handoff, bathroom ventilation, chimney integrity, reframing needs, and damage to components under your shingles.

Once everything is said and done, we follow up with a detailed post-installation inspection. We scrutinize every detail making sure that everything is 100% correct.

A Triple-Backed Warranty

You’ve probably seen it all when it comes to warranties. Full of loopholes or exclusions, they make it downright impossible to get any use out of them. Our warranty is different. It’s a TripleGuard Warranty that has three parts.

First, in addition to having premium materials installed on your home, you’ll get a lifetime materials warranty to back them up. As long as you live in your home, you are covered. If you experience a material-failure problem, just give us a call and we will work with the manufacturer to make things better than right.

Second, we guarantee our work by providing you with a lifetime workmanship warranty. Plain and simple, if we did something wrong that causes a failure, we will fix it with no charge to you, no matter when it happens.

Third, our roofing systems are manufactured, designed, and installed according to the strictest of specifications. They are then audited by local, city, and federal building code officials. Your new system will be installed by our own professionals who perform to the best-in-class standards that we require.

Because we are positive that you will love the way we work, our final guarantee is a resolution up to and including your money back if we fail you.

To be absolutely clear, we’ve installed hundreds upon hundreds of roofing systems since 2011, and we have never had to use our money-back guarantee. Because of our preoccupation with premium quality, the risk of a non-fixable problem is completely eliminated.

Do You Want A New Tile Roof On Your South Seattle Home?
Don’t Settle For Less, Get An Egghead Installation!

Do you want the traditional look of an authentic tile roof on your South Seattle home? You need an expert installation by a roofing company that actually knows how to install this type of roof. You need RoofSmart!

We are nerds to the core and specialize in solving any problem related to a difficult installation. We will expertly install your tile roof, providing you with a beautiful, traditional look that will set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

Call us today at (206) 487-4877 to schedule your free estimate.

We service South Seattle and the surrounding areas.

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