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A lovely porch roof addition, room addition, and other exterior additions on a Redmond, WA home for RoofSmart

Superior Exterior Additions For Redmond, WA

Porch Roof Additions And Other Exterior
Additions In The King County Area

RoofSmart is here for anyone who is planning an exterior addition in Redmond, WA. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver on those plans, whether for a home or for your business.

In most cases, a roofing company can only offer you one or two choices of exterior remodeling options. At RoofSmart, you can choose from several, including front porch additions, deck additions, metal porch additions, additions over your porch, company building exterior additions, and pretty much any roofing option you can imagine.

Proud To Offer Deck Addition Services
For Business & Homeowners

A lovely sunroom or deck addition in Redmond, WA for Roofsmart

Exterior Additions

The RoofSmart team specializes in making your dreams of exterior additions come true. A roof addition over a deck is a popular choice, as it provides both shade and protection from the outdoors. A deck roof addition can give you a comfortable outdoor space your family can enjoy in any season.

Building a metal porch roof addition over your porch can give you a charming extra living space. Back porch roof additions make lounging or hosting gatherings cozy and fun.

Covered porch additions aren’t always considered when home and business owners need more space, but they are excellent options in Redmond, WA. Whether expanding your back porch or adding a covered front porch, the entire look and functionality of the space can be transformed.


Lovely covered porch addition in Redmond, WA for RoofSmart

Why Choose RoofSmart For Exterior Additions?

Why Our King County Area Customers Choose Us

#1: Attention To Detail

At RoofSmart, we approach every job with precise care and dedication. No stone is left unturned – even those that others might miss. Our “egghead” installation process is given on every project to create an addition that is built to last.

#2: Premium Home Additions

At RoofSmart, we use our knowledge and expertise to deliver only the best exterior additions, such as roofing over decks, porch roofs, and even company-building exterior additions. With several years of experience, our team of skilled professionals has the knowledge and skills to handle your project.

#3: Top-Quality Work

We finish every exterior addition with top-quality work and craftsmanship. We are committed to delivering only exceptional results on your decking, covered porch, and more. We prove we mean what we say by backing it up with a warranty.

#4: Customers Come First

At RoofSmart, our customers are our first priority. Instead of a stressful hassle, we strive to provide a seamless experience. Our SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis process and TripleGuard™ Warranty was created to put your peace of mind first.

RoofSmart Reviews For Exterior Additions And More

Hear It Straight From Our Customers

“These guys are amazing! Jim did an excellent, educated initial inspection and discussed my ideas thoroughly. Then Nestor and the crew came. They tore off an old roof and installed a new metal one in TWO DAYS! A third day was spent finishing things up and installing gutter guards. They also installed insulation and some beautiful skylights – in winter! The roof is classy and really well done (we have worked in the industry and recognize quality work). The skylights are fabulous. The crew all knew their stuff and were friendly. There was minimal mess when they had finished. I HIGHLY recommend RoofSmart for roofing, especially metal roofing, in the Seattle/Tacoma area.”
-Janelle Black


“A heartfelt Thank You to all for the excellent roof replacement job! At the outset of this roof journey we had to take, Brandon did a thorough job of checking the roof…inside and out. He was honest about what needed to be done and was considerate throughout the whole process. Brandon’s professional integrity was greatly appreciated. Every member of the roofing crew was respectful, hardworking, and efficient. Done in 2 1/2 days, garage and house. Many thanks again to all of you! We will certainly recommend RoofSmart to anyone in need of a roof!! Leslie and Gelindo”
-Leslie Adams


“RoofSmart workers were fast, efficient, and courteous. They did great work even in the rain and wind so they could complete the work on schedule. Plus, they cleaned up all the debris and nails at the end of the day. I’m very grateful to them and cannot recommend them enough!
A special thank you to Jim for being there from start to finish!!
-Ybòn deQ

5 Questions We Are Asked
By Homeowners

Where Can I Find More Information About You?

You can learn more by reading our Smart Series Case Studies about some of our home improvement repairs for our customers.

How Much Do Your Home Improvement Services Cost?

During your first meeting, we will learn what you need and let you share your vision with us. Then we will be able to give an estimate of what it will cost.

We also offer financing options that have comfortable terms and payment plans. They usually fit easily into most budgets. We also offer specials.

How Long Will My Home Improvement Take?

The size and scope of the job both affect how long a job will take. Just as with the price, we can offer you a better answer after we’ve met, discussed the project, and seen the job site.

Where Are Your Services Available?

We provide exterior additions, roofing, and more for Seattle, Redmond, Redmond, and more of the Greater Seattle area. You can learn more about our services by visiting our service area page.

Where Can I Find Out More About Your Team?

You can read more about the RoofSmart team on the reputation page and Jim’s Journal.

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